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Green Power

Grundy Electric Cooperative is now offering its members the option of purchasing part of their electricity from renewable, or green, energy sources. Electricity from renewable energy sources includes power generated from wind turbines or from power plants burning agricultural crop residue or other plant material like switch grass. Electricity from renewable sources is more expensive to generate than power from coal-fired power plants, the predominate source of electricity for Missouriís electric cooperatives, but some members may wish to supplement the electricity they use with green power.

Grundy Electric members may buy 100 Kilowatt Hour blocks of electricity from renewable sources and must commit to buying the power for one year. Because renewable energy is more expensive, members wishing to purchase blocks of renewable energy will be charged the additional premium cost, based on the amount of renewable power they buy. Only those members wishing to buy renewable energy blocks will be charged the additional cost.

No changes are required in the service at the member's home or business. The only difference is that now Grundy Electric has the option to buy green power and make it available to their members.

Net Metering & Interconnection Act

For additional information, please contact Tim Beavers at or extension 25.

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