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Senators Drafting Climate Change Legislation
Letter to Members, October, 2009, Rural Missouri

Dear Grundy Electric Cooperative Member,

We need your help. Congress is considering climate change legislation that could significantly increase your monthly electric bill if not done right. As electricity prices go up, it impacts the cost of nearly everything – affecting your household budget.

You can do something about it. Attached are two postcards; one to each of our U.S. senators. Please tell them that climate change legislation must be done in a way that protects you.

[Note: The postcards are provided here as a 793KB PDF file - they are also provided in the October Rural Missouri Back Pages you receive in the U.S. Mail.]

This legislation creates new government policy for energy use and production. It charges you for the greenhouse gases emitted when electricity is produced.

Some want to force consumers to pay more than their fair share because of where they live — that’s unfair! We can make sure climate change goals are achievable and affordable, protecting you from electricity price shock, if our elected officials work with us.

Our senators need to fight for a bill that is:

  • FAIR – Climate change legislation needs to recognize regional differences in how electricity is produced. I should not be penalized because of where I live.
  • AFFORDABLE – Any climate change plan must keep electric bills affordable for all Americans.
  • ACHIEVABLE – Climate change mandates must be realistic to ensure long-term success.

Please take the time right now to sign and return these cards. They will be sent to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, our national advocacy group, and they will hand deliver them directly to our senators. This is the “Our Energy, Our Future” campaign – our grassroots effort to make our voices heard in the halls of Congress.

Our job at the electric cooperative is to keep your electric bills affordable. Please help by sending these postcards today. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Scott Wilson, General Manager, Grundy Electric Cooperative

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