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Rural Missouri Magazine

Every member has the responsibility of being completely informed about their business - Grundy Electric Cooperative. The cooperative way of doing business is as old as America and is one of the truest forms of democracy at work.

As a member of Grundy Electric, you will receive the Rural Missouri, a monthly publication of our statewide organization, the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, located in Jefferson City, Missouri. This is your cooperative's means of communicating Cooperative programs and services. Grundy Electric Cooperative’s information will be located on the "wrap" or within the publication.

The tabloid-size publication contains information which will help in your efforts to become a better informed member, along with a host of ideas for a better life through the use of economical electric power.

For additional information regarding this great co-op member benefit, please contact Peggy Boulware, extension 23 or Karen Glenn, extension 33.

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