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Energy Management Program

Grundy Electric's Energy Management Program was implemented with incentives for member participation. This program allows members to make a difference in the future of their Cooperative.

  • A member agrees to have a load management device on their water heater and/or air-source heat pump or ground-source heat pump.
  • The energy management device must be installed in a permanent facility served by Grundy Electric.
  • The device is managed by personnel when the Cooperative is reaching a peak demand for electricity.
  • Little or no inconvenience to members.
  • Please note certain restrictions apply.

Members will become an important part of a national effort to more effectively manage energy. Participating in GEC's Energy Management Program will help your Cooperative save demand costs and stabilize rates. Together, we have the power to make a difference.

For additional information regarding this great co-op member benefit, please contact Randy Kinnison at or extension 30.

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