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Right-of-Way Safety
Right-of-Way Clearance Never Stops.

Maintaining the right-of-way (ROW) is very important in order to provide safe and reliable electricity to our member-owners. Grundy Electric Cooperative's brush crew works throughout the year clearing trees, brush and foliage by maintaining an aggressive right-of-way program.

The ROW clearing program is designed to reduce contact between trees and power lines as much as possible. The most important reason to keep our power lines clear is to maintain safety. When a tree comes in contact with a power line, it is very possible for a child or an adult touching or climbing that tree to receive a fatal shock or injury. Tree limbs touching power lines can also cause blinks affecting sensitive electronic devices such as clocks or personal computers. Trimming, tree removal and spraying is necessary to keep these annoyances to a minimum. In addition, trees and brush cause outages, which is a major inconvenience to members and expensive for your Cooperative. With over 2,100 miles of line, Grundy Electric's Right-Of-Way Crew works year-round trimming and removing trees.

Hazardous Tree Program
In addition to the Right-Of-Way Program, Grundy Electric has implemented the Hazardous Tree Program. This program was put into action to eliminate trees that have grown up into and around power lines. If a tree is deemed hazardous and is located in a member's yard, the ROW Crew will contact the member regarding specific options, which includes severe trimming or tree removal. If the member would like the tree replaced at a different location away from power lines, the following trees will be provided as a replacement: Flowering Crabapple, Amur Maple, Redbud or Washington Hawthorne.

During the summer months, ROW crews begin applying high volume foliage spray, trimming and clearing trees within Grundy Electric's 40 foot easement around power lines. Only primary lines which supply power to the transformer will be cleared. "Clearing brush and tree removal is necessary to improve our quality of service and to ensure safety for our member-owners," stated operations manager, J.D. Pash.

Please read our "Safe Tree Planting" guidelines. Members should not plant trees under or near the cooperative's power lines. If you see a tree touching or in danger of falling into an electric line please contact Grundy Electric Cooperative at 660-359-3941 or 1-800-279-2249. By working together, we can greatly improve our chances of weathering future storms.

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